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Elpres: a LaTeX-class for electronic presentations

LaTeX can be used to write presentations to be shown as overhead transparencies or with a beamer. A series of LaTeX classes has been written for this purpose. Among these beamer (Till Tantau, Joseph Wright, Vedran Miletić) has become widely accepted. The list Screen Presentation Tools maintained by Michael Wiedmann is a useful guide to find other LaTeX classes/packages useful for writing screen presentations. Another source of information is Presentations with LaTeX/Präsentationen mit LaTeX by Herbert Voß.

A solution for my (V.K.) own requirements is elpres. Elpres is intended as a minimal and simple LaTeX document class for creation of beamer presentations. For installation, copy elpres.cls to a location where LaTeX can find it. It is recommended to use elpres with pdfLaTeX. If you installed a complete recent version of TeX live or MikTeX chances are good that the package has already been installed.

Download: elpres.cls (v0.4a, Jan 23, 2018), documentation on a single page: (html) documentation with one page per chapter: (html); documentation for printing (pdf). Elpres can also be found on CTAN. Elpres entry in the TeX calalogue online. As already mentioned, the elpres class has been added to the TeX live and MikTeX systems.

Example of a minimalistic presentation generated with elpres: pdf, sourcecode.

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