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Elpres: a LaTeX-class for electronic presentations

LaTeX can be used to write presentations to be shown as overhead transparencies or with a beamer. A series of LaTeX classes has been written for this purpose. Among these are FoilTeX and beamer. The list Screen Presentation Tools maintained by Michael Wiedmann is a useful guide to find the appropriate LaTeX class/package.

A solution for my own requirements is elpres. Elpres is intended as a minimal and simple LaTeX document class for creation of beamer presentations. For installation, copy elpres.cls to a location where LaTeX can find it. It is recommended to use elpres with pdfLaTeX.

Download: elpres.cls (v0.3), documentation: html, pdf. Elpres can also be found on CTAN. Elpres entry in the TeX calalogue online.

Example of a simple presentation generated with elpres: pdf, sourcecode.

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