2  Installation

If the elpres package has already been installed with the TEX-system nothing needs to be done. If an updated version shall be installed, elpres.cls, the .sty, .png and .eps files should be copied into a directory, where your TEX-system can find it: if an old elpres version of the existing TEX system shall be replaced by the current version, please copy these into the appropriate position in the "local" texmf directory tree (e. g. ~/texmf-local/tex/latex/elpres) and this manual (elpres-manual.pdf) to ~/texmf-local/doc/latex/elpres. Then, the files database should be updated by entering (in case of a TEX Live installation) the command:
   mktexlsr ~/texmf-local

or you may enter texhash ~/texmf-local3. Other TEX-systems e. g. MikTEX have their own package updating mechanisms. The elpres manual file should be accessible with the command "texdoc elpres". If this still calls the old version of the manual, the command "texdoc -l elpres" will prompt you to select either the old or the new version of the manual.